Daily Prompt: A House Divided

edward snowden

A House Divided

Pick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides. Bonus points for a creative format (roundtable discussion, debate transcript, etc). 


Edward Snowden is a hero. Why? He has opened the eyes of the public what our government is doing. The truth he has revealed to us the truth. Without his bold stunt to release classified information to the public of the NSA recorded Americans phone calls and internet web use, the public would be in the dark. The truth would be hidden. I believe he should be granted sanction. Over 150 other organizations around the world also wish Obama to stop the prosecution of Edward Snowden and for good cause. We need people like Snowden to shed us light on the government’s activities. The NSA defends themselves saying they do not track everything and that it is for security measures. I believe that be lies. Explain to me how tracking all Americans will help protect us from domestic terrorists, to prevent the next 9/11. Yes they may find spikes in the system which can give good reason to question but which terrorist in their right mind will openly post on the web they are a terrorist. None would. The Patriot Act gives the government too much power in said claim of terrorism. Who is to stop them from causing terror onto society to enact fear to the public and give them authority to use the Patriot Act to good people. We would never wish to see our government create such a conspiracy but who is to stop them when the Patriot Act gives them too much power and with it the authority to question any American citizen. This is not the American way. To prevent this we must allow bold people like Edward Snowden shed the light of the truth to the public. We the public will then decide on what to do next, not government agencies trying to cover their tracks. No we the people shall make the final decision.  For without truth we will be blinded by the shadows of not knowing. Only the truth will set you free.


Edward Snowden is a traitor to all of America. He declassified important information that was meant to be kept secret. He was given no right to provide this information to the public. The government wishes to protect its people any means necessary and Snowden has caused great division among the people. The NSA does not record everything, they only wish to find spikes in the system and act accordingly. If you have nothing to hide then you should not fear. The government is here to protect and people like Snowden rise accusation to that cause. You have not been given all the facts to the matter and he must be prosecuted as a traitor. He hides from us in Russia due to his actions. Imagine the chaos he has brought to the public for his stunt to shed some light. He wishes to bring you the truth but in turn has caused you to question the integrity of our government. He did America a great disservice and should be treated as nothing more than a traitor. He had no authorization to announce such information to the public. He has divided the people and actions must be taken to insure the safety of our people. The NSA acts as a safeguard to protect its own grounds.

***Divided: v. 1) Separate or be separated into parts. 2) Separate (something) into portions and distribute a share to each of a number of people.

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