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Principles: Stand like a Rock

Daily Prompt: Never Surrender Are you stubborn as a grass stain or as easy going as a light breeze on a warm day? Tell us about the ways in which you’re stubborn – which issues make you dig your heels

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Under Pressure: Fight or Flight

Daily Prompt: The Heat is On Do you thrive under pressure or crumble at the thought of it? Does your best stuff surface as the deadline approaches or do you need to iterate, day after day to achieve something you’re

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Kacey my Baby

I am sitting next to a beautiful girl named Kacey. We are watching the winter olympics. Its interesting seeing the figure skating talent of the world. I swear this girl Kacey is at my house more than I am. She

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Identify Your Life Meaning

Yesterday I started reading a book highly recommended to me by a friend, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” The first few pages drew me in and before I knew it two hours had past. One of the major

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Daily Prompt: Blogger of Repute

Blogger of Repute Do you have a reputation? What is it, and where did it come from? Is it accurate? What do you think about it? I have a reputation in wrestling and being a leader. I placed in state

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