Identify Your Life Meaning

Yesterday I started reading a book highly recommended to me by a friend, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” The first few pages drew me in and before I knew it two hours had past.

One of the major topics that I did not realize yet holds true to me is the paradigm change in our culture from Character Ethic to Personality Ethics. I focus my decisions around Character Ethics which involve values and principles instead of Personality Ethics that focus on attitude and behavior. However I see how a lot of people have shifted their views to how we act in a situation instead of what drives our decision making, to be reactive instead of proactive. I choose to be proactive.

When I was young my father would tell me “when it comes to fashion sway like the wind, when it comes to Morales stand like a rock.” At a young age I didn’t understand it but as I begin to actively learn and search deeper into meanings I see that in life people revolve themselves around those who have strong principles because it provides them with a focal point to build off of.

But instead of building off of other peoples principles I ask you to identify your own. Private victories trump public victories. There is no one life meaning for anyone. In order to find a meaning in life you must be willing to search deep inside and find what you want, the roles you play, goals to be set, and upon them to create your own personal mission statement. This will give you a meaning, a purpose. The reason you wake up and get out of bed every morning.

To be successful you must be willing to, at any moment, sacrifice what you are, for what you will become.

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