Daily Prompt: Sorry, I’m Busy


Sorry, I’m Busy

Tell us about a time when you should have helped someone… but didn’t. 

A few days ago a friend of mine called me asking for a ride from the Puyallup Fair. She and a few of her girl friends were not capable of driving home. I was “busy” and told her I could not do it.

The truth of the matter is I was just at home watching a movie with my family. So technically I could have done it.

I do not consider it denial to not help her. I knew she would be able to ask another friend who would have been more than willing to do it. So I politely declined the opportunity to help her since I have limited time to hangout with family with college about to begin.

Like the image above. It’s not denial. I’m just very selective about the opportunities I take to help those who need it. The questions that cross my mind are how beneficial is it to me? Whats the cost/ benefit ratio? How do I value my time? How severe is the situation?

If the circumstances were different and I thought she had no chance of getting home, I would have offered the helping hand but since that wasn’t the case. No need for me to go out of my way to help someone else who brought the situation onto themselves.

I am a person who does not act impulsively. I like to stop and think. I prefer to have all the details and information possible so that I can fully comprehend the situation and then I act accordingly.

If I do not have adequate information then I can not make an educated decision without falling into some risks and set backs. Details are important to me.

***Denial: n. The action of declaring something to be untrue.

In response to http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/daily-prompt-denial/

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