Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday


Freaky Friday

You experience your own Freaky Friday, and switch bodies with someone you love/hate. Tell us what happens.

I go to sleep after a hard days work. Moments before I go into slumber the memories of someone dear to me ponders my mind. I awake in an unfamiliar place. And I go through the motions that seem natural to me. The usual wake up, eat breakfast, and prepare for the day. As I go to take a shower I see myself in the mirror, I am seeing life in the shoes of the girl of my memories.

The day proceeds and my conscious wonders but my actions are not my own. The body I am in goes through the motions of her daily life. I see her family, her brothers and sisters around the TV watching Disney movies. Mom is caring for the youngest child and dad is off at work. After getting ready for the day, I go to my day job as well. Work is repetitive and is a means to support my own wants as well as help the family. After work I come home with dinner awaiting me. I eat a tuna sandwich my mom prepared and interact with my siblings. My mom has errands to run and asks me to watch over the kids while she is gone. I decide to take the younger kids out to the park and enjoy the sun while its still out. After a few hours it gets dark and we return home. Mom and dad are back and everyone is together again watching TV. It is now nighttime and my older sisters and I decide to hangout with friends until midnight. We go to a friends house and enjoy one another’s company. Eventually it is time to go home and sleep in the bed I awoke to prior.

I awake again, or in reality and decide that the motions I went through earlier were just a dream of what I would expect a daily life of my old girlfriend would be. It was normal and full of quality time with the family. The dream felt too real but I know deep inside that it could be nothing more than a dream.

***Change: v. Make or become different. n. The act or instance of making or becoming different.

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