Daily Prompt: (YAWN)

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What bores you?

Something that bores me is doing busy work. By busy work I mean simple tasks that even a monkey could do. For example I worked in my dad’s medical office when he needs extra help or is backed up with paperwork needing to be filed. Filing papers for several hours a day is extremely boring. Imagine a stack of papers and each individual paper has a name, your job is to find the folder of this individual and put the paper into the folder in its appropriate section. The work is tiresome and repetitive. Anyone could do it and it brings no enjoyment to me. From doing work like this I promised myself I would never work as an office clerk if I could help it.

I prefer change. So someone enter my life and bring change to my world.

***Dull: adj. Lacking interest or excitement. v. Make or become dull or less intense.

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