Daily Prompt: Everything Changes


Everything Changes

Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience. 

It was a normal day walking home from school when I came across a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. Curious of what it might say, I pick it up and continue on my walk. As I unfold the piece of paper each fold had a note written inside it and inside the piece of paper a picture of a girl. Behind the picture of the girl read a note in a clear cursive handwriting, “Your Life is No Longer Your Own.” Enthralled at what was written on the back of the picture, I began to eagerly walk to my friends house to see if anyone knew who this mystery girl might be.

I finally approach Will’s house to see several friends around the TV, watching Will and Erik play NBA 2K14 on the Xbox. The game was the Heats vs the Mavericks and Erik was up by two points with only fifteen seconds left in the game.  Will has the ball and shoots a three pointer from the corner, the ball misses and the game is over. There goes five dollars from Will’s pocket and a few mumbled words under his breath.

Once Will’s attention is finally off the TV and he unwillingly gives up his controller to the next challenger I approach him with eyes wide open. Will noticing my look of bewilderment and asks, “whats up”. I begin to explain to him this mystery note I found on the way here and he snatches the picture out of my hand. “She is quite the babe.” Will then asks the rest of the guys in the living room, “Yo anyone seen this fine lady before?” The game pauses for a second and the picture goes around the room with quick remarks like “ohh did Edward finally find a girlfriend.” After the jokes are over and the game continues I take the picture back and ponder in the corner of what it all might mean.

The next day was nothing special. A normal wake up, eat breakfast, shower, and go to school. On my way out of the apartment I see the picture of the girl on my desk counter. Moments later I realize I am already late to class and rush out the front door.

The classes were boring as usual with professors ranting on about their past and how molecular bonds are formed. Professor Riley calls on me and asks, “What are the three basic components of an atom?” However time is my friend and the clock his 11:50. The Professor ends the class and reminds everyone what will be on the upcoming quiz this Friday. Before I am able to hurry out Professor Riley asks if he can speak to me for a moment. He tells me that I have so much more potential and that I did not do very well on my first quiz which surprises him.

I guess that’s what happens when your dad is a prominent Doctor in a small college town, professors expect you to be on top of things. My father casts a big shadow over me and I am nothing more than an average student with average grades, with an average job, and average friends. To be honest my life is pretty average.

After hearing the Professor explain to me what I can do better and how he wishes for the best in the upcoming quiz. I hurry out of the room and walk to Red Square. Along the way I meet up with Will and Erik. Today we decide to not eat in the cafeteria since the food is always the same, hamburger and french fries. Erik suggests we go to North Campus and have Panda Express. The rest of the day goes on classes, break, classes, and then work.

It is now 3:30 and I have only 30 minutes to get to work. After rushing home, changing clothes, and eventually arriving to work.  Work is the same as always, making pizza and delivering orders. The clock hits midnight and its finally time to go home and rest. I crash on the bed and fall into a deep slumber.

In my dream I see the mystery girl from the picture drifting away. I run after her but no matter how hard I run she seems to be only drifting father and farther away. After what seemed like eternity, we end up at a cliff and she turns around and says in a subtle voice, “Your Life is No Longer Your Own” and falls back, off the cliff. I awake sweat dripping down my neck.

I continue on my daily life, school, work, home until the weekend finally comes. This weekend however was no normal weekend. It is Friday and for once I am not working the night shift. I wake up and go to class to take my Chemistry quiz. After finishing the quiz I make it out of class a few minutes early and have time to spare before meeting up with Will and Erik. As I decide to wonder around for a few minutes to kill some time I come across what looked like the girl from the picture. Not sure if I got a good look I begin to walk closer but she seems to be in a hurry. She cuts the corner and without a hint is gone.

I hear my name being called as Will and Erik see me across the yard. I turn around and shake off what just happened. They ask me if I am alright and I explain to them more about the girl from before. They tell me its getting to my head and to think about the weekend.

It is the weekend before dead week and everyone needs to let off some steam before a week of buckled down school work begins. So tonight should be promising.

We all decide to pre-game at Will’s house. Beers pile up and everyone begins to get a good buzz going. After several hours of hollering and pre-gaming we decide to go out and party hop. The first party was lame with only guys making it a complete sausage fest. So we bounce early and move to the next. The next party is better but way too small and I have barely enough room to stand. The group wants to stay so I take a breather and walk out back. After several minutes and not wanting to feel like I’m wasting a good party I decide to go back but as I begin to walk in I see the girl from the picture.

My eyes become transfixed and people tell me to move as I block the doorway. Eventually I pull myself together and begin to walk towards her. I don’t know what to say but as if by an invisible force I am compelled to know more of this mystery girl. And then the cops come and everyone begins to run. I continue to walk not caring that I am under aged my senses not giving in, my eyes never leaving her. Then Will and Erik find me, I demand to stay but they warn me that someone just got stabbed and things are getting worse. She turns around and we catch eye contact, not breaking for a single moment. Moments pass and finally both of our friends yank us from our spots in fear of getting caught. I smack back into reality and gain conscious of where I am. Both angry and thankful at my friends and what they did.

From this moment on my life was changed. Everything changed. To find out more of this short story. Leave a comment and I will write another 1000 words.

***Transformation: n. 1) A thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. 2) A metamorphosis during the life cycle of an animal.

In response to http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/06/daily-prompt-transformation/

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