Daily Prompt: State of Your Year

State of Your Year

Write up a mid-year “State of My Year” post. 

I started the year off great with New Years with my family. My resolution was to get good grades and meet new people. I accomplished both to a satisfactory degree. My winter and spring quarter of college I began to branch out more and joined plenty of clubs, I even created one of my own. As the school year went by I moved into a condo.

Since the beginning of summer I entrenched on a journey to self learn. This journey began with reading a new book once a week in which I am still doing. Through my endeavor I have learned a lot about famous people from the past, ways to start an online business, and how I can make a difference in the world.

Currently I am in Alaska visiting my sister. During my stay in Alaska I have gone canoeing down rivers, hiking up to Angel Rock, shooting targets with pistols and shotguns, swimming in the hot springs, camping in the wilderness and we still have a lot more planned ahead. I have really been able to connect with nature and grasp a better understanding of myself.

This year so far as had its ups and downs and I feel like the best part is yet to come. So continue reading my blog and see whats in store.

I am currently in search of a master, someone who has had 10,000 to 20,000 plus hours of experience in a field they are passionate in to help me gain sufficient knowledge in their field of work and become a lifelong friend and teacher. My search for a mentor begins and if you feel like you could help me by being my mentor or sending me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. I’d be glad to return the favor anyway possible. I am interested in a variety of social skills such as dancing, singing, and playing the piano. I like to consider myself somewhat artistic dipping into fields of writing poetry and songs, as well as drawing, and glass blowing. I am athletic and enjoy to box and wrestle. My current major in school is computer science with a minor in economics and business administration. I consider myself to be a hacker, looking for simpler ways of performing specific tasks. I do not believe in shortcuts for they create knowledge gaps. I have an obsession of knowing the mechanics and the raw materials it takes to make a device function. I need someone with knowledge and experience who can point me in the right direction and correct me when I am wrong, to help me see life from a different perspective and challenge me to become great.

***Now: adv. At the present time or moment. conj. As a consequence of the fact. adj. Fashionable; up to date.

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