Daily Prompt: Tables Turned


Tables Turned

Are you as comfortable in front of a camera as behind one? Being written about, as well as writing? 

I like to consider myself somewhat photogenic. Most pictures of me turn out okay to the point where I’m not worried about what I look like. Maybe its the fact I care less about what people think about me than what I think of myself. This trait of mine has gotten me far and if the tables are turned and the picture turns out hideous think to yourself << does this single picture define who I am >> hopefully the answers no. Laugh it off, don’t feel offended and move on. Now about being written, a famous rapper once said “I am whatever you say I am if I wasn’t then why would you say I am.” That rapper was Eminem also known as Marshal Mathers. He lays down exactly how I feel about being written about. Why would you say something about me if it weren’t true? Well the thing is haters are going to hate. Do not allow your public image to consume your life. Act on your own and I promise you will be a lot happier. 

***Discomfort: n. Lack of physical comfort. v. Make (someone) feel uneasy.

P.S. I like to write about myself however I know my grammar is not the best and I sometimes go off topic but bare with me. The best is soon to come.

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